I Love You and I Love Me

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day song to share with your babies, toddlers, and preshoolers or young children at home? As an early childhood educator and early learning music teacher, I’m so excited to be sharing with you a song that I wrote from my heart for my own daughter when she was a baby.

This Two-Part Song To Introduces Self Love To Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Here is my very first song that I am sharing as a Teacher’s Resource for all my fellow early childhood educators and other caregivers including nannies, and of course, number one – parents!

This is a two-part song about self love. The reason it is two part is because I originally began singing it to my daughter when she was a baby. That version is called, I Love You, as I shared these sentiments of love with her. As she grew, I changed the lyrics to, I Love Me, so she could sing along and take in these words about loving herself.

I have included the xylophone notes for anyone to play along – including kids! I’ve colour coded them to the notes in case the colours are different on your xylophone. Of course, you can also play this melody on any pitch instrument! I’ve also included the chords for ukulele and they can be used on guitar and even the keyboard or piano if you are lucky enough to have access to one in the classroom, or at home if you are enjoying these song as a parent or other caregiver from home.

I will be recording this song soon and will update this link with my full song in a cute little video you can stream from our Youtube channel – check out my first children’s song here: We Can Be Heroes which is perfect for your Community Helper Theme this year! There will also be a children’s book coming soon so you can flip the pages and share these heart warming images to visually reinforce the key messaging in the lyrics. As I am no longer working in the classroom as an early learning music teacher, I am happy to be slowly creating resources that will be make available in my TPT Store called Teach With Stories And Songs!

Hope you all enjoy and please send me any experiences you have with it on my Instagram and comments below.

With love – self love!