From core subjects to Fine Arts to sports and extra curricular materials, these Pre-K Curriculum Picks for Early Childhood Educators have been carefully chosen to add to their curriculum development.

As an early childhood educator, music teacher, children’s author & curriculum developer, I will be very discerning about what materials we feature here to offer an amazing Early Learning Resource from around the world! I hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing how this evolves!

Lorrie Holmes, Early Learning Content Creator



My Teachers Pay Teachers Store focuses on all things creative in the early learning classroom. All of the materials offered in my store have been tested in out in the classroom or studio during my years of teaching early PreK Music and Creative Arts and also in just creating super fun Circle Times that focused on the context of the stories and songs chosen and/or created to draw the kids deeper into the meaning of these stories and song.

LORRIE HOLMES, Pre-K Teacher/Music

FEATURED PRODUCTPreK – Grade 2 Fun Spring Music Lesson And New Song! The Flowers Are Blooming

This fun PreK – Grade 2 music lesson teaches children how to sing and follow the rhythm patterns – and even follow along on the xylophone and ukulele – to this cheerful springtime song about popular flowers that are in bloom in the spring.

This is a progressive lesson that can be taught by any teacher so you do not require a music background to teach it. However, if you do play instruments, there is sheet music for both the xylophone and ukulele. The xylophone notes have been colour coded and are easy for any teacher to play and your more advanced students will be able to follow along as well!

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Flowers Are Blooming Music Lesson Collage