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KIDS:  Opportunities exist to review EXPERIENCES.  Tell us a story about your experiences. Our current theme is all about heroes, so pitch your ideas to our editor.  What can you experience that is related to heroes.  Movies, books, other types of outings or products and/or services.  Use your imagination!

TEACHERS:  Similar opportunities apply to teachers!  We would like to hear about your experiences WITH YOUR CLASS.  Either in the classroom or on an outing – anything related to the theme of heroes is welcome.  Pitch us your ideas and we will help arrange them and make them happen.


KIDS & TEACHERS – Do you have an idea for a feature story about heroes?  Is there someone in your community you would like to interview who is a hero? Does your class have a message they would like to develop into a story for our readers?


Kids, do you have an idea for a short story, poem, or comic strip that tells a story about a hero?  If so, we would love to check it out for consideration of posting it here!



We are not picky about the length of your submissions but we are sticklers for good grammar.  If your story has a lot of typos, we probably won’t choose it, so present your best work to us!  If your story needs editing, that’s okay and is an exciting opportunity for our editor to mentor you to learn more about how to best present your ideas and shape them into a strong story. Our editor wont’ do your work for you, but she’ll be happy to mentor you through the writing and publishing process. So go for it!  Send us your submissions and we’ll get back to you if we feel they are a good fit for our blog.  Based on the volume of submissions we are receiving, we will only be responding if your submission is a good fit at this time.  Good luck, and hope to see your words and artwork featured here soon!  READ MORE DETAILED SUBMISSION GUIDELINES HERE