Thank you for visiting our submissions page!

Currently, we are looking for the following content:

KIDS:  We never charge for kids content! We are currently accepting submissions from kids and youth that inspire other kids. Send us a short description of your idea and our editor, Lorrie Holmes, will get back to you if it’s a good fit. You can email her at

If your child or youth is wanting to take private Creative Writing coaching lessons with our editor, she is currently accepting one new student (details available here!)

TEACHERS:  We only charge for classroom stories if our editor and Creative Writing Instructor, Lorrie Holmes (see details here) offers to mentor your classroom step by step through the process of creating your story. If you create it with your class, then Lorrie is happy to edit it at no cost! Lorrie looks at each idea individually to see if it fits in with our current message. If you have an idea, please email her at


We are currently focusing on Back To School content.

If you offer an outdoor program – anywhere in the world! – we would love to hear from you!  We can work with you in one of the three following ways:

  1. We are happy to offer one free post on our Instagram feed to any business that we feel offers a product or service that enriches the development of children in some way. If you would like to take advantage of this, please email at or DM Lorrie on Instagram
  2. If you would like to be included in one of our group stories about outdoor programs, we can include a quote from you and a short description of your program, along with an image and a link for just $50.00.
  3. If you would like to have your very own story (similar to this one!) we would love to talk to you about this!  If you are located in the Greater Vancouver region, we can visit your location and film ourselves  (similar to this one!)  We can also work with you to film your own video and we can edit it for you if you are located in outside of our area. We quote individually for each of these projects but will offer you the best rate possible!


Covid Related Resources – from product reviews to online learning feature stories, if you have a product or service that will benefit families and/or educators during this time and would like us to review it for you, please email us for details as we look at each of these collaborations individually. You can contact our editor, Lorrie Holmes, at

Integrative Health – We are also creating a series of stories on topics related to the overall health of your children – from physical to emotional. If you offer a product or service that you would like us to include in a group story or you would like to featured in your own story, please contact our editor for details as we look at each opportunity individually.  We are currently accepting collaborations on our FOOD & NUTRITION STORY where we are looking for food collaborations on our UPDATED FOOD GUIDE story which where we interviewed Holistic Nutritionist, Juliana Avella of Made Simple Nutrition (recent food related story)

Prices for all collaborations are as follows:

Quote and business description with image and link in group story – $50.00

Dedicated feature story on your business – $250.00

Product reviews – $50.00 in group story and $250.00 for feature story review. We also do video reviews as well and quote separately for these based on each project!