Welcome to our Young Writer’s Publishing Program! 

We are so excited to be mentoring young writers to realize their dreams

of being professionally published as such a young age.



Who is this program for?

Aspiring young writers who want to learn how to create a professional quality book by working with a professional writer.


How are the writer’s chosen for this program?

Because we only work with 4 writers at a time, there is an application process involved.  If you are interested in applying, you can review our guidelines by CLICKING THIS LINK.


How does this program benefit these young writers?

This program is designed to teach your child all the steps involved in making a book – from conceptualizing a plan, to developing the story and each element in it – from pre to post production. If your child sticks with it, by the end, they will have their very own publishing contact (along with their parents, of course!) with our publishing company, Lyrical Kids Books, and their book will be made available for other children to read when they order it from our school catalogue!


What else will we accomplish on a grander scale?

We are helping these children strive for excellence by chasing their dreams which begins with an idea and comes to fruition with hard work, enjoying the process of learning, and never giving up on their dream.











The Unlikely Heroes is a graphic anthology filled with short stories about animals and their unlikely heroes who sometimes befriend them an others, even save them from unexpected dangers. Like in Parker’s story, The Tornado, The Coyote, and The Baby Racoon.  From here to there in a flash.This might not seem that important, but in this story, it ends up saving a life! Find out the difference between a hero and a regular old creature in this story and others in Parker’s graphic story anthology.



Additional writers will be announced shortly!